About Us

Case by Case Ltd is a UK company located in central London which assisting people to connect with their legal advisors in the UK. In addition to that, we are Egyptian qualified experts who can assist you with any matters relating to the Egyptian Law. 

We have a legal background and commercial acumen which enable us to connect you with the best law firms wherever is your legal matter. We have an associated office in Egypt and we are looking to expand.

We are aware that we are dealing with different cultures which can sometimes cause language barriers. However we go further, beyond law and borders and combine cultures to deliver tailor-made legal solutions with the advantage of communicating these in your mother tongue.

We are choosing the best law firm for you depending on your legal matter so that you’ll have the best outcome.

We strive to be the best by delivering quality and value to our clients.

We achieve this through practical and innovative legal solutions that help our clients succeed. We are dedicated and committed to work with and for you. We deliver consistent services across our platform of practices and sectors in all matters we undertake.

Delivering excellent client service and using our global capabilities to help them pursue the right opportunities means they benefit from long and lasting relationships.

Our purpose remains rooted in our founding values. We have always been driven by an entrepreneurial, tenacious and socially conscious spirit: one that has always embraced change in order to stay relevant and shape the future.

By being the best at what we do, we empower businesses of all sizes, wherever they are in the world, to navigate the complexity of ever-changing rules and regulations. We deliver the power you need to succeed.

Our Founder

As a qualified lawyer in Egypt Ali possesses extensive experience in assisting clients, individuals and companies based in the UK and MENA Regions with their legal issues. Ali is an open minded individual, that worked for international law firms, and is keen to help his clients and offer them innovative legal solutions.

“I have always dreamt about creating something unique which would help me shape the future of the legal field. Case by Case Ltd made my dream come true – it connects clients with their lawyers in order to achieve the best results. CBC Ltd works for both clients and lawyers, and I’m delighted to be part of this unique platform. CBC Ltd makes things easier and brings us all closer”

Ali Shams - Founder of Case by Case Ltd