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About Us

Case by Case Ltd is a company located in central London helping people to connect with their legal advisors in the UK and MENA region.

We are Egyptian qualified experts who can assist you with any matters relating to the Egyptian Law.

We have a legal background and commercial acumen, which enable us to connect you with the best law firms in the UK, Egypt and MENA region. We have an associated office in Egypt and we are looking to expand.

Our Services

You relax, while we manage your legal matters.

Our Founder

Ali Shams is the founder and the CEO of Case by Case Ltd a legal consultancy services platform.

"I have always dreamt about creating something unique which would help me shape the future of the legal field. Case by Case made my dream come true - it connects clients with their lawyers in order to achieve the best results. CBC works for both clients and lawyers, and I’m delighted to be part of this unique platform. CBC makes things easier and brings us all closer"


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